Can you watch Netflix on Nintendo Switch? Here's what hackers are doing to make it happen.


It's been just over a month since the non-Netflix-ready Nintendo Switch was released into the wild, but hackers successfully infiltrated the gaming device's inner workings within the first few days. Of course, Nintendo promptly responded by releasing an update to patch the exploit, but that only served as a minor speed bump for said hackers, who are already well on their way to finding new ways to tear apart the Switch's code. For those Switch owners hoping to access Netflix on their newest console sooner rather than later, that's very good news. 

While the Nintendo Switch doesn't currently allow users to log into Netflix, it seems like the gaming company does plan to eventually add it to the platform — though at this rate, hackers might just beat them to the punch.

"We're talking to a range of companies about other services, companies like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon — things that will come in time," Nintendo's chief operating officer for the Americas, Reggie Fils-Aime told the Washington Post. "In our view, these are not differentiators. What differentiates us is the way you play with the Nintendo Switch and what you can play. And that will continue to be our focus into the future as we continue driving this platform."

But for many wanting to stream Netflix from their Switch right now, "in time" isn't soon enough. But hacker plutoo and others like him might be able to help. On April 4, plutoo used a webkit exploit to break through the first system module on the Nintendo Switch.  

With access to the Switch's RAM and filesystem, plutoo can start poking around to get a fuller picture of exactly what's happening with the code, and since he already has experience hacking other Nintendo consoles like the 3DS and the Wii U, it likely won't be long before he unlocks everything and has a true jailbreak ready. When that happens, we're hoping the first mod he writes is a Netflix one.

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