'Persona 5' Sun Confidant: Guide to befriending the bad politician


In Persona 5, building relationships is very important. In addition to helping out in fights and fusing better personas, Confidant abilities are also helpful outside of battle by offering a better variety of support items

The Sun Confidant is a great resource that allows the players to ask for money in demon negotiations. If you're looking to get more bang for your buck (or you're just looking to collect them all), here is a quick guide on how to unlock the Sun Confidant.

Persona 5 Sun Confidant: Where to meet Shinya Oda

Shinya Oda is a politician who shouts at the passing people of Shibuya every night, right outside the train station. In order to start off the relationship, you'll need to actually get a part-time job at the beef bowl restaurant. Once you've worked at the restaurant twice, the politician will speak to you at the end of your shift about how overworked you are. 


After that, you'll be able to build your relationship by holding a sign for him outside of Shibuya station. The Sun Confidant's skills are extremely useful when participating in negotiations with demons — when you build up the relationship, you'll be able to convince them to do more than just give money. 

There are some skills that increase the chance of an enemy dropping a rare item and even one that makes it easier to capture higher level personas.

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