'Persona 5' Charm Guide: Tips and tricks to raise the stat


At this point in playing Persona 5, you've read how to increase your Guts and your Kindness stats. But who cares about being brave or nice when you can charm someone's socks off? 

If you're having trouble with the ladies, or you're just trying to practice for your Toastmasters class, here's our guide to getting your Charm up in Persona 5

Persona 5 Charm guide: Become Prince Charming

There are a few ways to increase your Charm stat. The easiest way is to go to the bathhouse directly across the street from Cafe Leblanc. Could be that when you use the bathhouse, your teenage skin looks that much more attractive.

On a regular day at the bathhouse, you'll get 2 points toward Charm, but on Mondays and Thursdays that bumps up to 3 points. You'll also get 3 points if you go on a rainy day, as no one will be there and you'll be able to spend more time getting clean.


According to Eurogamer, the diner in Shibuya will also start serving a charming fruit tea when the weather gets warm in August, so that will help you get the stat up, too.

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