'Persona 5' 5/11 Exam Answers: How to ace your mid-May tests in school


Everyone's favorite part of high school was cramming hard to be ready for mid-term and final exams, right? That's why Atlus felt the need to replicate that experience in Persona 5, a game where high school can be just as treacherous as fighting demons.

Starting on May 11 through May 13 in the in-game calendar, you have to take a battery of tests in school to prove your knowledge of the material. If you're struggling to come up with the answers, we're here to help.

Persona 5 5/11 exam answers

Eurogamer has a comprehensive guide to every class answer in the game, including exams. According to them, the correct answers are as follows:

1. An optical illusion

2. Visual information

3. Brain

4. They have different cognitions

5. Magistrate's patronage

6. The name of a sum of currency

7. Ignorance

8. Four

Keep in mind that, in order to get the best score possible on the exam, you can't skate by on knowing these answers alone. On the last day of exams, your character will answer the questions himself based on his current knowledge stat. You should try to get knowledge to its second or third level before these exams to get a high score. If you want to study, head to the diner in Shibuya during the daytime. At night, you'll need to study at a booth in Cafe Leblanc. 

Do that several days in a row and it should level up. Knowledge is important for exams, but it's useful for building friendships, too.

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