'Overwatch' Patch Notes: Update 2.09 brings new Uprising event, Lúcio buffs and more


By far the biggest thing to know about Overwatch update 2.09 is the new Omnic crisis-themed event, Uprising, which ushers in a new game mode where players face off against waves of hostile robots. A leak of the event trailer's French version led us to believe the event would be called "Insurrection," but that is not the case. (To see all the cool new skins, emotes and victory poses for the Uprising event, click here.)

In addition to the Uprising event, the patch introduces other major updates you should keep an eye on, like buffs to Lúcio, some tweaks to competitive play rules and, as always, lots and lots of bug fixes.

Overwatch patch notes: Update 2.09 adds new Uprising event and more

Here are the full patch notes for Overwatch update 2.09:


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