'Persona 5' Memes: The funniest battle menu parodies from around the net

Persona 5's menus are dripping with style, and everyone knows the best way to show appreciation for something is to make it into a meme. Twitter user Brent_Bento posted a transparent version of the Persona 5 battle menu and the internet took it from there, making celebrities, characters from other video games and even other memes into Persona 5 battlers.

We've gathered some of our favorite Persona 5 menu memes below for your viewing pleasure.

Persona 5 Memes: The dankest battle menu memes

Wonder if Donkey Kong's Persona would be Jueyuan? If not, there's a real missed opportunity here.

We always knew Mario had some other kind of power up his sleeve besides mushrooms.

Now Tuxedo Mask can actually be useful.

How dreamy....Max Busterstrife/Know Your Meme

Dang it, Bobbeh, what did I say about those dang-on Personas in the got-dang house?

There's never been a more purrfect way to ride into battle.

From the hotly-anticipated sequel to 'Escape from LA.'Armesi/Know Your Meme

Trump's thought processes, finally decoded.

Late-night Simpsons tackles the important stuff.

Marge has finally had enough of Homer.DaNk_b0i/Know Your Meme

Seems like Jerry might have already missed the perfect opportunity where Kramer's concerned.

This show about nothing is about to become a show about death.Armesi/Know Your Meme

Best to find out his weakness before rushing in.

Big Smoke is no joke.Aemesi/Know Your Meme

Dayman! Fighter of the Persona-summoner! Ah-AHH-ahhh!

Bonus meme: Garfield channeling Sojiro Sakura from early on in the game.

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