Gary Johnson Wins Third Party Debate


Gary Johnson, the heir to Ron Paul’s campaign legacy, will gather Tuesday night with candidates Jill Stein (Green), Virgil Goode (Constitution), and Rocky Anders (Justice) to debate and discuss the issues Obama and Romney are too afraid to touch.

Hosted by the Free and Equal Elections Foundation, and moderated by late-night star, Larry King, the often dubbed “Third-Party Debate” will offer a spectrum of ideas and straight-talking candidates offering their solutions to the economy, wars, and failed policies of Republican and Democrat administrations.

While these candidates will all have an effect on this year’s presidential election (for example, Virgil Goode’s candidacy possibly eliminating Romney’s chances of winning Virginia), the star of this debate is Libertarian Party candidate Gary Johnson. The two-term governor of New Mexico is carrying the support of a rising libertarian demographic, after successfully winning the support of the ever-enthusiastic “Ron Paul people” outside this year’s Republican National Convention. His mix of likability and fiscal responsibility make him an attractive candidate for anyone outside the two-party bubble.

Nowhere else will viewers get to see candidates speak the honest truths this country so desperately needs, than at this debate. Follow along with this PolicyMic live blog, and get the key information you need to better understand your third party candidates.

PolicyMic will be covering the final presidential debate in it's entirety. Check back here for all the latest analysis, polls, gaffes, news, zingers, thrills and spills. Bookmark and refresh this page for the most recent updates.

UPDATE: 10:25pm:

10:20pm: Gary Johnson: "Wasting your vote is voting for someone you don't believe in." [huge cheers]

10:18pm: Virgil Goode: Republican, Democrat, Independent, Constitutionalist... always conservative.

10:12pm: Virgil Goode Straight Talkin': Term limits would cut through Congress "like a knife through hot buttah."

10:08pm: All third-party candidates agree: NDAA MUST GO. 

10:00pm: Virgil Goode's Straight Talkin'(TM): "We can't afford more federally subsidized student loans."

9:56pm: Jill Stein forgets Lesson 1 of Economics: There is no such thing as a "free" lunch.

9:54pm: Gary Johnson correctly points out that education subidies are the cause of rising tuitions.

9:51pm: Larry King reminds the candidates that "rebuttal" does not include agreeing with each other. Though this constructive dialogue is a nice change.

9:47pm: Jill Stein seeks international treaty outlawing drones.

9:44pm: Virgil Goode: "U.S. should not be the policeman of the world." 

9:39pm: Jill Stein: Marijuana is not illegal because it is dangerous. It is dangerous because it is illegal.

9:35pm: Virgil Goode booed for indifference on drug war, while supporting defunding Planned Parenthood.

9:34pm: Rocky Anderson: "We need to end drug prohibition, just like we ended alcohol prohibition."

9:31pm: Gary Johnson calls for repeal of NDAA and PATRIOT Act, and receives thunderous applause.

9:29pm: Virgil Goode touts populist credentials. Supports moratorium on all green cards.

9:27pm: Rocky Anderson: "Under Obamacare, 32 million people will be without healthcare."

9:22pm: Gary Johnson: With Obama or Romney, police state, and monetary collapse will continue unabated.

9:19pm: Jill Stein recounts being tied to a chair by the Hofstra police, for contronting the corrupt presidential debate commission.

9:17pm: Gary Johnson: "[Medicare] is unsustainable." Without reform, monetary collapse is inevitable. 

9:15pm: Virgil Goode opposes taxpayers funding both DNC and RNC.

9:13pm: Anti-war environmentalist, Rocky Anderson: "I've had it with the Democratic Party."

9:10pm: Jill Stein voices opposition to "top-two" ballot systems, and supports public funding for campaigns. "Money is not speech, and corporations are not people."

9:00pm: Larry King, in his trademark suspenders, encourages audience participation during the debate. Cheering, booing, snickering - all permitted. Third party candidates can take criticism (unlike some candidates.)

11:53 am: Gary Johnson’s fans are excited …