'Overwatch' Uprising Legendary Difficulty: Tips for playing the new game mode


Overwatch has a brand new event underway, and with it, an exciting new game mode. Ever since the Halloween event, many players have been asking for another player vs. environment event, so this was a pleasant surprise. 

However, players are quickly discovering that this mode is a lot tougher than the previous PvE event. Legendary difficulty, specifically, is almost absurdly hard, but we have some tips that might ease the pain a little bit. 

Overwatch Uprising legendary difficulty tips: Hacking the terminals

The first portion of the game is spent hacking different terminals, which is pretty much the same thing as a regular Overwatch match. At least one teammate will have to stand on the objective so the hacking percentage will increase, but on this difficulty, the entire team should constantly be on or near the point.

The first terminal seems to be pretty easy on all modes — just have one entrance guarded by Reinhardt and the other guarded by Tracer. Mercy should be damage boosting Tracer, and Torbjorn should set up his turret right next to terminal so it can cover pretty much the entirety of both entrances.

The second objective — next to where the statue usually is on King's Row — is when it gets a bit trickier. Instead of four entrances, you now have to manage enemies from 4 different angles. Again, Torbjorn should setup his turret right next to the terminal. Reinhardt should be on intense shield duty, facing specifically towards the original attackers spawn. 

The third objective is the easiest to hack. Torbjorn should position the turret near the back so it can see the scope of the entire room. Tracer should be on the right staircase while Reinhardt manages the front entrance. Mercy should be on the objective damage boosting the Reinhardt

Overwatch Uprising legendary difficulty tips: Protecting and moving the payload

The second portion of the game will consist of protecting and moving the payload. When you get to the objective, you'll have to wait a few minutes while the payload gets started. Enemies will be spawning all over, so make sure to constantly be checking every area. 


There are two main enemies to look out for and focus down immediately are the bastions and detonators. For the bastions, Tracer should save her ultimate and stick it on the second he appears. After that, he should be easier to manage. 

As for the detonators, they will slowly float to the payload to do damage. The absolute best way to deal with them is to wait until they're close to exploding, and have Reinhardt charge at them right as they start to glow. This will cause him to take a good chunk of damage, but unlike the payload, Reinhardt can heal and be resurrected. 

When the payload starts moving, it shouldn't be too difficult to protect, but it'll all depend on how much damage it took initially. A few bastions in tank mode will appear as you go along the path, so make sure to have those Tracer pulse bombs ready to go as often as possible. A few enemies will be coming from behind as well so make sure to keep a look out, or else the payload will be stalled.

When you get to the end, you don't need to protect the payload. As it breaks through the door, it can't be destroyed.

Overwatch Uprising legendary difficulty: Destroying the Orisa bots

When you get through the door, there will be four Orisa bots that you need to destroy. The bots will be accompanied by a few bastion bots as well. This section of the game is where things tend to fall apart. A time limit is now introduced, but it's still worth taking the area slowly and recuperating when possible. 

Thanks to a post on Reddit by "Prof_EobardThawne," we can give you an idea on how to confidently take this area down. 

Torbjorn won't be able to confidently place a turret anywhere, but the focus will be on giving armor to Mercy and Tracer — this will be a huge help for Tracer when she takes on the bastion units. Also as Torbjorn, don't be afraid to use your ultimate even without a turret being placed.


Reinhardt should use cover. Don't depend exclusively on the shield as the bastions will tear it down. Tracer should be focusing down the bastions, preferably with the help of a Mercy damage boost. 

All in all, it's a pretty tough fight near the end. The main thing to remember is don't separate too far from your group and don't get too sidetracked with enemies that aren't Orisa. They will continue to spawn endlessly. Good luck.

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