The best Netflix docs for anyone interested in weed


Netflix and chill? Netflix feels so much more chill when you're watching one of these documentaries exploring weed and the cultural, medical and economic roles it plays in society. 

Whether you're a marijuana pro or have a budding interest in weed, these streaming documentaries will pique your interest in all things pot. Munchies and special brownies optional, but may we suggest a bucket of buttery popcorn before you press play? 

The Culture High

This pro-legalization documentary might just motivate you to pick up the phone and call your representatives when the film credits start rolling. Expect two hours of impassioned discussion about why the United States should legalize weed. Experts in the film include Snoop Dogg, Richard Branson and other marijuana aficionados. This 2014 follow-up to the 2007 film The Union: The Business Behind Getting High, which is not currently streaming but available on DVD, gives some relevant perspective and talking points for your next dinner party. 

Inside: Medical Marijuana

National Geographic

This 45-minute National Geographic documentary gives a comprehensive overview of what the medical marijuana industry is really all about. If you can't see why using weed to heal is so controversial and or why weed may be the cure to the lucrative pharmaceutical industry, this quick though-provoking summary will bring you up to speed and peak your curiosity on medical marijuana-related topics.  


VICE follows rap legend and renowned weed lover Snoop Dogg on a journey to Jamaica, where he rebrands as reggae artist named Snoop Lion. This was a few years before Martha and Snoop's Potluck Dinner Party, Snoop Dogg's cooking show with Martha Stewart, but this weed documentary is still an inside look at modern weed culture. 

Super High Me

Stand-up comedian Doug Benson does something really funny: He gives up marijuana for a month and follows that with a month of marijuana bingeing. If you're in a giggly mood, this silly documentary will make you laugh, roll your eyes and perhaps pat yourself on the back for making relatively good life choices compared to Benson. 

Drugs, Inc. 

Though not exclusive to weed, this National Geographic documentary series starts off by exploring the underworld of hash and expands further into the massive industry and underground economy of illegal drugs. Those curious on the ways in which marijuana and the business and stigma surrounding pot, as compared to other drugs, should find this deep dive into the drug world fascinating and informative.