'Overwatch' Uprising Voice Lines: Update includes a hilarious nod to an 'Overwatch' meme


In the latest version of Overwatch — the one that added the new Uprising event — Blizzard snuck in an amazing nod to its rabid, obsessive and detail-oriented fandom. It's nothing more than a small, easily overlooked line of dialogue that only pops up on occasion, but it's just more proof that Blizzard monitors its fan communities closely — and loves sneaking in little surprises that will delight them.

Overwatch' Uprising Voice Lines: Blizzard adds "Boostio" reference

Whenever the support character Ana uses her ultimate ability — nano boost — on an ally, they'll say something to signal to players around them that they've been powered up. They'll say, "Get out of my way!" or something similar. 

Well, once the Uprising update dropped, reports started trickling in that Lúcio had a brand-new voice he'll sometimes say when he's nano-boosted. Check it out:

Yep, that's Lúcio saying "Boo-sti-oooooo!" 

If that makes no sense to you, it's actually a reference to a meme that's been circulating in the Overwatch world for awhile now — basically, that Ana seems to always accidentally use nano boost on a Lúcio who jumps in front of her sight lines at the very last moment, unintentionally unleashing Lúcio's nano-boosted alter-ego, "Boostio."

This isn't the first time Blizzard has added something to Overwatch in response to memes or requests within the fandom, either. Blizzard gave Sombra a "boop" voice line soon after she debuted in direct response to that particular line of hers from the animated short "Infiltration" gaining huge amounts of traction in the Overwatch fandom. Similarly, the way Mei turns into a snowman wearing a Santa hat in her Winter Wonderland skin came directly from fan suggestions.

It's a little detail, but it just goes to show the kind of attention to the little things that Blizzard puts into Overwatch that really makes it something special.

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