Alleged North Korea Evacuations: Is Kim Jong Un really ordering immediate evacuations in Pyongyang?


Breathless reports of a major evacuation in Pyongyang — based on a single report from Russian outlet Pravda Report — claim that 600,000 people are being sent out of North Korea's capitol city amid rising tensions with the U.S.

The only source for this extraordinary claim is New York City-based radio station SuperStation95. Here's the unsourced claim from the website's article, which has no specific author and credits the story to "Newsroom":

The leader of North Korea has ordered almost 25% of the population of its capital city, Pyongyang, to LEAVE! That's 600,000 people!While the government claims this is a "population control" measure, it comes as tensions with the United States — and possibility of a hot war — escalate.

At this time, Mic cannot corroborate a single one of these claims. 

We've reached out to SuperStation95 via the contact information provided in the story but have yet to receive a response.

Wong Maye-E/AP

The actual "big and important event" was reportedly a road opening

Journalists gathered for a much-hyped "big and important event" that was speculated to relate to North Korea's international tensions were treated to a significantly less exciting reveal.

The Financial Times reported the following:

With tensions on the Korean peninsula escalated and satellites showing activity around North Korea’s primary nuclear test site, expectations were correspondingly high when journalists in Pyongyang were summoned for a big event on Thursday. Accounts from those who were in attendance now suggest a somewhat less enormous development: the opening of a new street.

Yes, it's possible that all the widespread speculation of evacuations and precursors to war following a "big and important event" may have been a giant misunderstanding about a road opening.

While there are plenty of legitimate concerns about North Korea's recent actions and possible U.S. responses, this road isn't among them.