Who is Bryce on '13 Reasons Why'? This is the role he played in Hannah's suicide.


Netflix's new series, 13 Reasons Why, certainly has some characters who are easy to dislike. There is, however, one such character who stands above the rest: Bryce Walker. 

While Hannah Baker's tapes call out 12 individuals who contributed in some way, Bryce's initial indiscretion really began Hannah's downfall. As the series progresses, we learn that things get much worse. Bryce is very much at the center of what happens to Hannah and those around her. So, who is he?

Bryce Walker is an older student at Liberty High, and Justin Foley's best friend. And while Justin is the subject of Hannah's first tape, Bryce plays an important role in starting Hannah's reputation as a "slut" at school. Justin ultimately becomes Hannah's first subject because he took an inappropriate picture of her, but Bryce did play an intimate role in what comes next.

Beth Dubber/Netflix

It was Bryce who took Justin's phone and sent the picture around school — and one could argue that this is the point where things turned bad for Hannah. Of course, Bryce's actions become even more despicable, as he is ultimately behind Justin's second tape as well — for raping Jessica Davis. 

If that scene is not difficult enough to watch — and it really is — Bryce becomes the subject of his own tape for raping Hannah, ultimately driving her to believe that there is no reason to continue living. In 13 Reasons Why, Bryce Walker exemplifies the worst of people. He is an entitled bully, that believes that he deserves everything in life, and does not care who he hurts to get it. 

And as much as 13 Reasons Why serves as a cautionary tale, urging viewers to recognize the signs of depression and suicidal tendencies among youths, it also begs us to look out for the Bryce Walkers of the world. 13 Reasons Why asks viewers to not underestimate the rude, wicked and dangerous people all around us. Because words and actions can have grave consequences, as they did for Hannah Baker. 

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