Love Pocky? These 9 desserts put the Japanese candy front and center.


Good things come in small packages. 

Case in point: Pocky, the chocolate covered biscuit sticks that hail from Japan. The candy is crunchy, chewy, sweet and functional. The little biscuit "handle" that doesn't have chocolate means the candy melts in your mouth and not in your hand. (You've met your match, M&Ms.) 

Pocky burst onto the candy scene in 1966 and is named after the crisp snap the candy makes when you break it. In the U.S., consumers can buy original (chocolate), strawberry, matcha green tea, chocolate banana and cookies & cream flavored Pocky. 

Any dessert will be instantly better with Pocky. Don't believe us? Check out the nine desserts below that slim and elegant Pocky sticks are a creative and fun accessory to, including cakes, cupcakes, mousse and any dessert your heart desires. 

Strawberry Pocky cake with chocolate-dipped strawberries 

Steph/Raspberri Cupcakes

Use strawberry Nesquick in the frosting for this pink cake to up the strawberry factor. Pink Pocky adds an elegant touch to this picture-perfect dessert. Get the recipe here

Pocky chocolate cage

Ribbon and Circus

These pint-sized chocolate cages make for the ideal individual dessert. Who wouldn't feel special being served one of these cuties? Chocolate cream and banana mousse get an upgrade when you add chocolate pocky for extra flair. Get the recipe here

Matcha no-bake cheesecakes with green Pocky

A Beautiful Mess

The crust for these cheesecakes includes matcha green tea Pocky, so don't forget to reserve some of the green sticks as decoration. Get the recipe here

Pocky hedgehog cupcakes

The Girls With Glasses

Sonic the Hedgehog would definitely be crushing on these darling desserts. Buy strawberry, banana and regular Pocky so you can have a multicolored pack of hedgehog cupcakes. Get the recipe here

Hello Kitty cake with Pocky whiskers 


You need to make this right meow. Pay respect to the famous Kitty with this cake that features strawberry lemon frosting. Get the recipe here

Chocolate and strawberry Pocky cake

Crumbs and Cookies

Two types of Pocky make this cake twice as nice. The filling is made from leftover chocolate cake mixed with condensed milk. Oh, yes. Get the recipe here

Animal cupcake toppers

Pickled Plum

Combine donut holes with Pocky sticks and voila — you've got animal heads waiting to be given a face. Stick these animals on cupcakes for your next event and guests will swoon. Get the recipe here

Pocky granola

The Yum Yum Factor

This crunchy and sweet granola gets a hint of green tea thanks to matcha Pocky. It's perfect for layering with cheesecake, like the recipe suggests. Get the recipe here

Vanilla cake with cheesecake Pocky

Circa Happy

We'd say "I do" to this bridal-white cake. With raspberries inside and on top, you'll get a burst of juicy sweetness balancing out the cake with each bite. Get the recipe here