Donald Trump Jr.'s T-shirt by the pool is the internet's favorite new meme


Donald Trump Jr. made what could charitably be called a risky fashion decision this weekend, posting to Twitter a photo of himself relaxing poolside in Florida with other members of the Trump family while wearing a green T-shirt with the phrase "VERY FAKE NEWS."

"I'm going to have to buy 5-10,000 of these to pass around to our buddies in the #MSM," President Donald Trump's eldest son captioned the photo, taken while he maintained a flat expression.

"In the meantime I'll model it for them."

The shirt is a response to the high volume of scandal and negative publicity being generated by Trump, his administration and his family in the wake of his campaign for the presidency, much of which they have dismissed as "fake news."

The reaction from the rest of Twitter was not quite so favorable.

Plenty of people really do not like Trump Jr. — who once compared Syrian refugees to a bowl of poisoned Skittles — and especially not his T-shirt. Model Chrissy Teigen, responded to Trump Jr.'s tweet with an eye roll emoji.

Some Twitter users shared edited versions of Trump Jr.'s shirt — like the version below, that says "BESTIES" above a photo of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Better luck next time, junior.