'Overwatch' Error: What BC-101, BC-151, BC-152, 202 error codes mean — and what to do


With the new Uprising event live in Overwatch until the end of the month, chances are good there will be a steady uptick in the number of players. Since Overwatch is an online game, more players means more strain on the servers, which means more chances for error messages. If you're not looking to lose precious time playing in Uprising's PvE mode (or trying to get those rare skins), here's how to troubleshoot those annoying error messages.

Overwatch Error: Error starting the game? Here's what you need to know.

According to the battle.net forums, the BC-101 error is a general connectivity error and the first thing you can do to make sure it's not an issue on your end is to check your network settings on your computer, XBox One or PlayStation 4

If that doesn't work, another post on the battle.net forums recommends you run a Looking-Glass test using your console's built-in browser to determine if the issue is between the console and Blizzard's servers. If that doesn't turn anything up, Blizzard recommends switching to a more stable wired connection or resetting your router entirely.

Overwatch Error: "Error starting game, trying again" usually requires an update from Blizzard

Another common error for Overwatch, particularly during free weekends, is one that states "error starting game, trying again." Unfortunately, there's no quick fix for this once since it's usually the result of an influx of new players, but Blizzard tends to communicate pretty effectively when this is a big problem.

The last time it happened during a free weekend, Blizzard technical support chimed in on a Reddit thread where a number of Oceania players were reporting this problem. They ended up issuing a small update to try and fix the issue, but if you keep getting this error message, your best bet might be to take a little time off the game and come back to it later to see if the problem has been resolved.

Overwatch Error: Disconnecting from the game server and battle.net require more diagnostics tests

Getting disconnected in Overwatch is bad, not only because it impacts your ability to play the game, but also because you might get slapped with a hefty xp reduction by way of a leaver penalty.

If you're having issues with disconnecting, Blizzard recommends you go through the steps listed to check your internet connectivity. If that all comes up golden, then you've got the consolation of knowing that it's not an issue on your end. 

Overwatch Error: how to check to see if people are having the same issues as you

If you're curious as to how many people are having similar issues in Overwatch, there are a couple of places you can check. Down Detector has both a tracker for Overwatch itself and Battle.net. It even breaks down what percentage of issues are arising from server connectivity issues and has a nice graphical chart showing exactly how many reported issues there have been during the day.

You could also always check Blizzard's dedicated Overwatch support page as well, which aggregates support forum posts and Blizzard's Twitter feed. There's a chance you might see something related to your specific issue, so it can't hurt to check.

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