'Overwatch' Uprising Event: The PvE mode will probably stick around after the event ends

Overwatch players have been asking for a permanent PvE mode for a long, long time — and no, that terrible "player versus AI" mode doesn't count. So, when the Uprising event hit and players dove into its excellent new mode, the thirst for something like that to stick around only intensified.

Of course, the Uprising event — and presumably, its new mode — are only going to stick around until the event's end date on May 1, right? Don't be so sure. 

I'm convinced Blizzard is going to keep the Uprising mode — or something similar — around for the long haul.

Overwatch's Uprising Event: PvE is probably here to stay

If there's one thing that's become clear about Blizzard's approach to Overwatch, it's that the development team is happy to implement features that have an overwhelming of support from the community. If you need proof, look no farther than Overwatch's last seasonal event, Year of the Rooster. 

'Overwatch' UprisingBlizzard Entertainment

At the end of that event, Blizzard converted the "capture the rooster" mode into a permanent capture the flag mode, simply because the community had been calling for such a mode since the game launched. There are also several smaller examples of this wish-fulfillment-based approach — like in Mei's Winter Wonderland skin and Lúcio's new "Boostio" voice line.

Similarly, Overwatch fans have been dying for a fleshed-out PvE mode for ages — especially in the wake of the Junkenstein's Revenge mode during the Halloween Terror event. And, based on the response the new Uprising mode has been getting, it's unlikely those wishes will subside anytime soon.

Overwatch's Uprising Event: King's Row's mission structure might be an early test

If you're feeling especially susceptible to conspiracy theories, you could also interpret the two Uprising mode variations as a sign that Blizzard is doing a bit of early data gathering for a more permanent integration of PvE into Overwatch.

Currently, you can play Uprising in one of two modes — one in which Blizzard restricts hero choice and one that's more freeform. In addition to giving players more options, it's also a useful litmus test. For example, Blizzard is probably tracking which heroes are getting used most in the "all heroes" mode and keeping an eye on which variation seems more popular overall.

Also, if you just want to keep things straightforward and cynical, it's clear Blizzard put a ton of work into the Uprising mode — so, it might be inclined to keep Uprising around, if only so all that work doesn't go to waste.

That said, Blizzard still hasn't made any announcements about whether PvE will become a permanent part of the Overwatch landscape. This is all speculation — for now. So, if you want this PvE mode to stick around, the best way to increase those odds is to keep asking for it. After all, it's worked before.

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