Barack Obama got caught taking a pic of Michelle on vacation — and Twitter is losing it

We'd like to interrupt your daily internet browsing to inform you that Barack Obama and Michelle Obama are still having the time of their lives. 

Yes, they're still on vacation. Yes, they're still looking great. And yes, they're still affirming their place in the world as the best couple in the universe, which is really only further proven by this picture below. 

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There they are, standing on a 138-meter yacht in the South Pacific, which also apparently had Oprah Winfrey on board. And there is Barack Obama, our former president, taking a picture of one of the greatest women who has ever lived, and who just happens to be his wife: Michelle Obama. 

Look at them. Just a mom and a dad, loving life. 

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When have you ever looked this happy and pleased with yourself? 

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When have you ever been this content? 

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When have you ever been this carefree? 

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Never. That's when. 

Of course, this tiny glimpse of them being extremely adorable has sent Twitter into a bit of a tailspin. Like, who knew Barack Obama was one of the world's best Instagram husbands, proudly snapping shots of his wife?

Who knew it would hurt this much? 

Actually, when you think about it, this picture kinda looks familiar, doesn't it? A powerful man taking a picture for and of his more powerful, more fabulous, more important wife? 

Where did we see it? Oh yeah. 

Just goes to show, as the tweet above so aptly states: no matter what your job is, or who you are, if you want to be a good husband, you've gotta be your wife's biggest stan.