'Overwatch' Doomfist: Blizzard throws cold water on Terry Crews' E3 Doomfist rumors


If you were getting your hopes up that Blizzard might finally reveal Overwatch's mysterious villain Doomfist at the Electronic Entertainment Expo — E3, for short — you'll need to temper those expectations.

Hopes have been running high that Blizzard might have something to share at E3 after actor Terry Crews — who has long been attached to Doomfist rumors —  appeared to tease some kind of forthcoming announcement, but now it seems like Blizzard is downplaying that.

Here's what's going on.

Overwatch Doomfist rumors: Blizzard downplays E3 expectations

If you've been following the Overwatch scene for any time at all, you're probably aware that Crews has long been rumored to have some kind of attachment to an as of yet unrevealed character named Doomfist. It started off as a silly petition kicked off by a fan, but it has since spiraled into something much stranger. (If this is all new to you, catch up on the Doomfist story here.)

Earlier in the week, Crews kicked up these rumors again when he posted a video to his Facebook page in which he teased that he'll be a part of some kind of "major surprise" at E3, saying, "ya'll know what it is." At this point in the video, Overwatch was running in the background on Crews' PC, leading some to believe this was actually an elaborate tease that a Doomfist reveal was finally on the horizon, according to PVP Live.

However, in a post on the Overwatch forums, director Jeff Kaplan downplayed a fan's hopes about what Blizzard might reveal at E3, saying the Overwatch team wouldn't have a presence there at all.

"While we totally appreciate the enthusiasm, the Overwatch team won't be attending E3 or announcing anything at the show this year," he said.

Kaplan's comment was in response to a post about Blizzard's E3 plans more generally, but it certainly seems to be incompatible with those earlier Doomfist rumors.

E3 isn't until June, so there's still plenty of time for more to trickle out before then. We'll keep you updated if any additional information becomes available.

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