What time is 'Pretty Little Liars' on tonight? When to watch season 7, episode 11

The main characters in a  'Pretty Little Liars' scene

TV's most fashionable murder suspects return to Rosewood Tuesday night as the final season of Pretty Little Liars begins. Airing on Freeform, the first of 10 final episodes will start at 8 p.m. Eastern. 

Titled "Playtime," episode 11 promises an ominous delivery to the friends from the mysterious and malicious A.D. The episode will also provide more information about Spencer and Mary Drake, as well as show Mona helping Hanna with her career in fashion. On the romantic front, Aria and Ezra's relationship is uncertain now that Ezra's former flame Nicole was found alive, and Emily attempts to navigate a love life that includes both Alison and Paige. 

When we last checked in with the liars, their lives were appropriately tumultuous, with Alison discovering she was pregnant, and Ezra and Aria's engagement threatened by the return of Nicole. Spencer and Toby were both in danger, with Spencer wounded by a gunshot and Toby by a car accident. And, to shippers' delight, Hanna and Caleb reunited. As teasers and trailers promised, the remaining episodes in season seven will be quite eventful, with Wren and Jenna returning to wreak havoc on the liars' lives. 

If the first minute of episode 11 is any indication, it will be an hour you won't want to miss.

The big mystery, of course, is the identity of Uber A, the villain who has been torturing the girls throughout season seven. And while the identity will be revealed, the show still has many plot holes from previous seasons to answer in just 10 episodes.

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