What's Drake's Snapchat name? Here's what we know about his secret account.


Drake may have given us More Life, but he won't give us more access when it comes to his social media accounts. 

The rapper's Instagram and Twitter accounts are both public, but he has kept his Snapchat secret so far. Fans have attempted to figure out what Drake's official Snapchat username is, but even with several video leaks, it has remained private.

On April 4, a Snapchat video of Drake, seemingly from his official account, made its way online. In the video, he shouts, "Did the Khaled vocals come in yet?!" which is a long-running joke between him and DJ Khaled. Drake's username was at one point rumored to be "SnowInOctober," but that was never confirmed. 

DJ Khaled then shared the same video on his Instagram account, leaving out Drake's Snapchat handle:

It seems DJ Khaled is the only person really in the know. During an interview with BigBoyTV, the hosts asked whom he follows on Snapchat. His answer? Everyone that's in his phonebook — and that includes Drizzy: 

In February, Nicki Minaj posted a photo of herself with Drake and Lil Wayne together. In response, rapper Meek Mill tried to expose Drake's real Snapchat username. 

Since Drake and Meek Mill have had an ongoing feud, Meek took the opportunity to be petty and expose the rapper's username on the app. In a Snapchat posted to his story, Meek revealed it as "adrakegraham," but it seems that isn't the official one either. Thanks for nothing, Meek. 

There is another video that surfaced online of Drake visiting a cancer patient. At the beginning of the video, he says, "This is the best Snapchat I've ever done," which means he has a Snapchat account and needs to stop hiding it. 

There is, of course, an entire Reddit thread dedicated to fans trying to figure out what the Toronto rapper's actual username is. So far, his username remains unknown. 

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