iPhone 8 Release Rumors: Everything we know about the next iPhone


There's been a lot of speculation regarding what Apple will and won't release in 2017. After all, it's the 10th anniversary of the company's flagship iPhone. Though the anniversary handset will likely be called the iPhone 8, other names — iPhone X and iPhone Edition — have been rumored as well. Here's what we know about the iPhone 8 so far:

iPhone 8 design

The current consensus is that Apple will likely release three devices: an iPhone 7S, an iPhone 7S Plus and an iPhone 8. According to Bloomberg, citing people close to the matter, the latter will be a "new, top-of-the-line handset with an overhauled look." The company is also reportedly experimenting with a new screen, curved glass and stainless steel construction. In January, CNET reported the iPhone 8 may have a steel frame center that would hold together a glass panel in the front of the phone and a panel for the back. 

iPhone 8 screen

Previous uncorroborated rumors suggested the device would be a 5.8-inch handset with an edge-to-edge bezel-less OLED display similar to the recently released Samsung Galaxy S8. Bloomberg's report confirms that Apple is testing a display that "covers almost the entire front of the device" that will leave the premium model closer in size to the iPhone 7 but closer in screen size to the iPhone 7 Plus.

iPhone 8 home button

Another long-lasting rumor is about the home button. With the iPhone 7, the home button exists but it is not quite a button. With the iPhone 8, speculation suggests the company will part ways with the home button, as it may be integrated in the display screen. Bloomberg confirms that Apple is looking to integrate the home button into the screen in efforts to reduce the size of the smartphone.

iPhone 8 size

There's even information on the device sizes: Similar to the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, the two upgraded devices will feature 4.7-inch and 5.5-inch screen sizes, according to Bloomberg. While the premium model will feature an "organic light-emitting diode display," the other two models will have the "liquid crystal display technology" found in the current line of iPhones.

iPhone 8 camera

Bloomberg's report also reveals that Apple is playing around with the camera. One source says Apple is experimenting with dual lenses for the front-facing camera and another says the rear-end dual lenses may be aligned vertically instead of horizontally. 

iPhone 8 timeline

Most recently, it was reported that the premium iPhone model may be delayed due to "technical issues." "First off, our smartphone contact believes the 3-D sensing technology and OLED displays will only be offered with the 5.8-inch iPhone 8," Brian White, a Drexel Hamilton analyst, told CNBC. "However, our contact strongly believes the 5.8-inch iPhone will be delayed by several weeks due to challenges around the 3-D sensing technology, but still in time for the December holidays."

Bloomberg hints at a delay as well: "Those anxiously awaiting the redesigned iPhone, however, may have to wait because supply constraints could mean the device isn't readily available until one or two months after the typical fall introduction."