'Mass Effect: Andromeda' DLC Plans: Could single-player DLC bring new loyalty missions?


If you've finished the Mass Effect: Andromeda story and maxed out your best builds, you're probably waiting for something new to do. If you're a fan of the Mass Effect multiplayer, you're probably pretty stoked — it's been regularly updated with new things to see and do since the game came out.

If not, you'll have to keep waiting. Single-player DLC is coming, but there's no official information about it yet. However, that hasn't stopped the internet speculation machine.

Mass Effect: Andromeda DLC plans: The next patch could bring more races to Andromeda

Stop reading right now if you don't want to have the end of the game spoiled for you.

Gaming Bolt has a pretty interesting list of potential plot threads the single-player Andromeda DLC could follow. Chief among them is the well-being of the other races from the Andromeda Initiative whose Arks didn't make it in time for the events of this game. 

At the end of Andromeda, you find out an Ark containing Quarians, Drell and Hanar is in the galaxy and sent a distress signal to the Nexus. Single-player DLC that has you solving that quagmire and getting those races into the fold in time for the sequel would make a lot of sense.

Other unresolved threads include the identity of the Benefactor and the fate of the Jardaan, but as Gaming Bolt points out, those might be too important for DLC. Bringing in the other races before the next game would be smart because then the sequel can move forward more quickly with its own plot machinations. If the other races are already back and settled in, the story can breathe a little bit. Other races can mean more new squadmates joining the party. These new characters might bring extra loyalty missions with their DLC.

Of course, BioWare could also do something like Mass Effect 3's "Citadel" DLC and have everyone get together for a huge party. There's nothing wrong with that approach.

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