'Pokémon Go' Event Timer Clock: The Easter Eggstravaganza countdown has begun


Pokémon Go events tend to end without much fanfare. Whether it's Pokémon Day, the Water Festival or the soon-to-be-over Eggstravaganza, it can be easy to forget when these special events come to a close. It's also not exactly something you want to think about when you're rolling in Totodiles during a particularly hot run.

Thankfully, some enterprising fans have constructed a timer you can use to jog your memory about Pokémon Go event dates.

Pokémon Go event timer: Events tend to start and stop around the same time

Regardless of when Niantic announces most events — though it's often the day of — smaller events like the Eggstravaganza tend to last a week, and usually start and stop around 1 p.m. Pacific. The day on which events launch has varied: The Water Festival started on a Wednesday, for example, while Pokémon Day, which was actually a weeklong event, started on a Sunday. Niantic doesn't tend to deviate on release time, though.

Although we can't predict when Niantic will drop events like we can nest migrations, players always have until 1 p.m on the West Coast a week from the start date.

Pokémon Go event timer: Silph Road user's solution to the event end-time problem

Although in-game notifications, hinted at in 0.61.0's data mine, might make it easier to keep track of Pokémon Go events, a Silph Road user took matters into their own hands by creating a website dubbed PokéTimer. The single page shows a countdown of the current event's remaining time, a clock you can longingly stare at while you're stuck at work instead of enjoying increased spawn rates out in the wild.

The PokéTimer's creator, MartijnGijselaar, said they're working on additional features for the website, like timers for nest migrations and lucky eggs. If you just want to see how many hours are left before the event ends, the PokéTimer may suffice — as long as you don't mind popping open a webpage every now and then.

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