Who Won the Third Party Debate: All Presidential Candidates Are Better Than Obamney


Through the technical difficulties and amateur mistakes of a nacent political campaign to effect change in the electoral process, four unique individuals made their stand on Tuesday night at the third party presidential debate, opposing the two-headed one-party system that has the United States in its clutches. Two liberal candidates stood in contrast to two more traditionally conservative candidates, but the message of liberty was consistent throughout.

Six questions were posed to the nominees, and answers ranged from all in agreement to all four sharply disagreeing with one another. However, there was none of the pandering, gutless nonsense that pervaded the mainstream "debates." Virgil Goode, the Constitution Party candidate, even stated, "If you want to end the drug war, then you should vote for a different candidate," as he expressed his support for federal legislation against narcotics. While one may disagree with him, his honesty and integrity should be appreciated by anyone, especially considering how different that is from the nonsense we've seen up until this point.

Jill Stein, the Green Party candidate, repeatedly pushed for a war on global warming, insisting that it is a grave threat to the world (I digress). Rocky Anderson spoke consistently against poverty, a prescient issue for his Justice Party. The aforementioned Goode stated twice that he would suspend green cards until US unemployment was under 5%, and, unique among the four candidates, supported the Drug War. Gary Johnson, running on the Libertarian Party platform, received the most pronounced reaction from the crowd, especially when he mentioned Ron Paul (twice).

Overall, it was a much more informative debate than anything the GOPicrat Party has cooked up recently, allowing America to get a good look at four ignored candidates, and their positions on REAL issues.

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