'Pokémon Go' Dunsparce Rarity: Previously unseen Pokémon location not region-locked


If you're committed to filling out your Pokédex in Pokémon Go, nothing is more frustrating than finding out that certain Pokémon are region-locked, necessitating a trip overseas to find where they spawn. Until recently, many fans in North America believed they would never catch the unassuming land snake Pokémon Dunsparce.

Find out why that's no longer the case below.

Pokémon Go Dunsparce: Rare Pokémon assumed to be region-locked to Australia

In spite of the fact that Australia's region-locked Pokémon appears to be the kangaroo-like Kangaskhan, for a while there was speculation that Dunsparce might be a Gen 2 regional Pokémon, like Heracross and Corsola are. This isn't surprising, since even outlets like iDigitalTimes were reporting it as a regional Pokémon.

Alex Borkowski/Mic

However, as little as two months ago, posters on the Silph Road reported that the sleepy little superstar was spawning (and being caught) in North America. Some posters asked how rare Dunsparce is now that it's confirmed as spawning, so there's still a chance it might be extremely rare in your area.

But the good news is that at least you can catch it. It's not great for battling or defending, but it's one less Pokémon you have to worry about being unavailable in North America if you're looking to fill out that Pokédex. As always, if you're looking for one, you can use the Silph Road's Global Nest Atlas to see if there's one spawning in your area. Maybe you'll even be lucky enough to get a Dunsparce egg from a Pokéstop.

So what are you waiting for? Go catch yourself a Dunsparce just because you can. 

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