The 'Overwatch' voice actors for Symmetra and Sombra are IRL BFFs — and they're adorable


Friends, we have important Overwatch news to share: It appears the voice actors who play Symmetra and Sombra are actually really good friends in real life and enjoy posting cute, dorky videos together.

Here's a recent video of Anjali Bhimani (Symmetra) and Carolina Ravassa (Sombra) hanging out in New York:

The Overwatch fandom is known for being passionate when it comes to its lore and characters, so it's cool to see that its actors seem just as — if not more — excited to bring it all to life.

Here they are again, somehow being even dorkier:

So Blizzard, if it wasn't clear before, we're going to need you to make an animated short featuring Sombra and Symmetra being gal pals — pronto.

It's not just Bhimani and Ravassa that seem to have such great chemistry together, either. That charisma extends to the Overwatch cast as a whole. Here's a video posted by Jonny Cruz — the voice of Lúcio — playing around with the rest of the Overwatch cast:

Such cute dweebs. All of 'em.

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