'Zelda: Breath of the Wild' Gerudo Tower Guide: Get to the Sheikah Tower in the desert


The world of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is nothing if not vast. To make the land easier to digest, it's divided into different sections that are left blank on your map until you reach a specific checkpoint: the top of a tall Sheikah tower.

Some of these towers are easily accessible — you just need to climb. Others are a little trickier, requiring players to solve a puzzle. One such tower is the Gerudo Tower at the bottom left corner of the map. If you're having trouble getting to the top, allow us to guide you.

Getting to the top of the Gerudo Sheikah Tower in Breath of the Wild

If you follow our guide to the Divine Beasts, you probably already have Revali's Gale — which you get for completing the dungeon inside divine beast Vah Medoh. Another thing that might help is the climbing gear, which we can help you get in this walkthrough

Jason Faulkner/Shacknews

With the help of Revali's Gale and the climbing gear, you'll be able to get to the base of the tower with no issue. Instead of simply climbing the tower, you'll notice that the tower doesn't have the platforms that allow you to scale it easily. 

Rather, you'll need to climb the mountain behind it and glide onto the top of the tower. Again, Revali's Gale and climbing gear will help you scale the mountain with ease. It might be beneficial to save your game when you're on the top before you attempt to glide down — that way if you fail somehow, you can load your save instead of climbing the mountain all over again.

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