Black Twitter had some amazing parting shade for Bill O'Reilly


On Wednesday, news broke that Fox News ousted O'Reilly Factor host Bill O'Reilly. The news came less than three weeks after the New York Times uncovered that the channel and O'Reilly himself paid out $13 million to various women who accused him of verbal and sexual assault. 

Once O'Reilly got the boot, the #BillOReillyIsFiredParty began. And no one throws a party quite like Black Twitter. 

One person gave O'Reilly a James Brown wig, the same hairpiece he claimed Rep. Maxine Waters was wearing when he mocked her hair. 

Though O'Reilly got the boot because of his multiple sexual and verbal assault allegations, he's also well known to go on an extremely racist rant now and then, including saying that black men are too ill-educated and tatted up to hold jobs. 

There's nothing left to say but: "Bye, wig."