14 photos from Venezuela's harrowing anti-Maduro protests on Wednesday

Venezuelans swarmed the streets of Caracas for "the mother of all protests" on Wednesday amid a deepening economic crisis that shows no signs of abating.

According to the New York Times, the protesters who assembled en masse to rally against President Nicolás Maduro's increasingly autocratic grip on the country were met with tear gas, rubber bullets and violent clashes from government-aligned militias. 

On Thursday, it was reported at least three people were killed during the protests, including 17-year-old Carlos Moreno, who was shot in the head by a a pro-government gang.

Below are the most striking images from Wednesday's demonstration, which the country's anti-government opposition dubbed "the mother of all protests."

Venezuelans flooded the streets of Caracas on Wednesday in a massive protest against President Nicolás Maduro.Carlos Becerra/Getty Images
Anti-government protesters launch rocks with a slingshot in Caracas.Fernando Llano/AP
A demonstrator in a gas mask stands engulfed in tear gas.Federico Parra/Getty Images
A rioter prepares to launch a Molotov cocktail as riot police descend on the crowd.Federico Parra/Getty Images
Demonstrators take shelter under a piece of corrugated tin roofing.Fernando Llano/AP
Protesters, who object to Maduro's increasingly authoritarian rule of the country, rip down a barricade. Fernando Llano/AP
A protester walks along a barricade set up by police.Fernando Llano/AP
Anti-government protesters throw bombs at security forces in Caracas.Fernando Llano/AP
A man suffering the effects of tear gas is evacuated by his fellow protesters.Fernando Llano/AP
Venezuelan National Guard members fire tear gas grenades at protesters.Juan Barreto/Getty Images
Thousands of protesters clogged the streets of Caracas to protest shortages of food, medicine and other basics caused by an economy in a tailspin.Federico Parra/Getty Images
Protesters fleeing security forces wade across the Guaire River.Ariana Cubillos/AP
Protesters burn an effigy of embattled President Nicolás Maduro in the streets.Ronaldo Schemidt/Getty Images
Activists clash with riot police.Ronaldo Schemidt/Getty Images