'Mass Effect: Andromeda' Equipment Guide: Here's how the confusing multiplayer item works


Mass Effect: Andromeda's multiplayer has a lot of moving parts that aren't always clearly explained. For example, you've probably seen the little slot in the "loadout" section of your character customization menu called "equipment," but you might be unsure what it's for.

Here's how it works.

Mass Effect: Andromeda equipment guide

Unlike boosters — which are one-time use items that vanish after a match — "equipment" items can be used over and over again. Think of them like weapon mods, but for your character.

For example, you might use the "combatives upgrade" pictured below, which enhances the damage of pistols and assault rifles.


You can purchase these equipment items from the store using mission funds, a currency you earn via multiplayer missions and sending your strike teams on missions in single-player mode. They typically cost between 75 and 125 mission funds apiece.

It seems there are only two pieces of equipment for sale in the store at any given time, with new selections rotating in on a regular basis.

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