'Zelda: Breath of the Wild' 100% Speedrun: The first complete run clocks in at 49 hours


Amazingly, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild lets you hightail it to the final boss fight right after the tutorial section, and so most speedrunners — players who make a sport of blazing through games as fast as possible — have done exactly that. At this point, people are finishing the game in around 40 minutes. It's ridiculous.

However, someone took a much more harrowing approach. There is finally a 100% speedrun of Breath of the Wild, according to Kotaku

Breath of the Wild 100% speedrun: Xalikah's complete game is 49 hours

A runner named Xalikah took on and conquered this gargantuan task, which can be seen in nine segments on their YouTube channel. The first part can be seen below.

Kotaku has a fascinating rundown of what exactly constitutes a 100% speedrun of Breath of the Wild. It doesn't mean finding every single weapon or armor set, but it does mean completing all four dungeons and all 120 shrines, finding all 900 Korok Seeds, fully upgrading the armor sets you can't get rid of and completing every side quest. 

That's a nonsensical undertaking, but Xalikah did it.

Many games can't even boast 49 hours of gameplay at a regular pace. For a speedrun to last that long is indicative of just how enormous Breath of the Wild is. 

I commend Xalikah for pulling this off, and I hope they get a lot of rest before trying again.

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