Tips that pay off: 3 habits of rich people that will make you wealthier


With tax season (mostly) behind us, now is the time to adopt habits that will help boost you to a new bracket next year. What better way to learn than by learning from the rich?

1. Here are "cheap" behavioral tricks that will lead to a lavish nest egg

You already know the big, obvious moves that will help you build real wealth like maxing out 401(k) or IRA contributions each year — and asking for a raise. But what about those subtle habits and unconscious behaviors that give financially successful people their extra edge? Rich people who stay rich know to extract the most joy out of a small portion of their cash, so they can keep growing the rest.

So, getting pleasure from the pit stops on your financial journey is an important step to growing your wealth. People who know how to get richer, feel richer and stay richer tend to also derive satisfaction from the process: the very act of saving money bit by bit. Here are more tips and tricks the rich use to stay rich, and grow their bank accounts.

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2. See how your college major helped you avoid the gender pay gap.

Already graduated? You may not be able to turn back the clock, but you can learn how much you might be earning compared to your peers. American women earn less on average than men — about $400,000 less over the course of a career. But figuring why and how that gap arises is the subject of great debate: Do women earn less than men because of discrimination on the job? Or are women socially conditioned to study fields that feed into lower paying careers? Is it both, or other factors? One thing is clear, however, and it’s that college major is an indicator of future pay disparity.

Find out more about the 10 best and worst college majors for women trying to avoid the gender pay gap.

3. Is your credit card working for you — or are you working for it?

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Choosing between a credit card that earns travel points and one that gives you cash back is like trying to decide between a doughnut or a bagel for breakfast. Both are delicious, but in totally different ways. Fortunately, you don’t have to make a credit card choice every day! Answer these questions and make the best decision for you.

4. Don’t fall for this psychological trick brands use to keep you buying “healthy.”

Before you pat yourself on the back for placing a box of granola over cereal in your grocery cart, stop and consider if there's a health halo floating over that sugar-packed, fiber-free breakfast cereal featuring a fit-looking model on the front of the box.

Confused by food marketing that may be influencing your healthy food choices? This is the trick to watch out for when making your food budget.

5. Whether you have money or not, it’s always good to know how to protect it and yourself.

Sooner or later, you're going to need a lawyer. Whether you are buying a house, starting a business or dealing with an inheritance, legal assistance can be invaluable. But finding a good attorney can be tough. Lawyers typically charge hundreds of dollars an hour and don't list their fees online, so you could waste time calling ones you can't afford. Plus, many online services that match clients with lawyers just link to attorneys who have paid for leads and may not be the most qualified. Here's how to find a good lawyer even if you can't afford to spend a lot of money.