'Mass Effect: Andromeda' Cache Flow: How to finish the Elaaden task

While you're waiting for Mass Effect: Andromeda DLC or waiting for BioWare to release diversity reports, there's still plenty of Andromeda left to play. After all, you need to clear out every quest on every planet, right?

Mass Effect: Andromeda Cache Flow: How to complete the task

Your goal is to find and scan four data caches. Since this is a task and not a full-on mission, it's pretty much just busywork with no real narrative meat. Your job is to run around between Remnant sites on Elaaden and find these caches.

After that, you'll enter a facility by following your objective marker and fighting off a few enemy waves. Once you get to the deepest chamber, you'll do yet another round of space sudoku to unlock the door. Gather your reward and go do something more interesting.

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