'Pokémon Go' Sun Stone Evolutions: The Pokémon you should be using this item on


Some special items in Pokémon Go are no-brainers to use: the Dragon Scale only works on Seadra, for instance, and the Upgrade only works on Porygon — assuming you were actually lucky to get an Upgrade, a Porygon and enough candy to evolve it. For other special items, like the Sun Stone, you've got a choice to make. Since you can use it on two Pokémon, you might be wondering what to use your Sun Stone on. 

If you're paralyzed with indecision, we've got some insight to help you decide which Pokémon to use your precious evolutionary item on.

Pokémon Go Sun Stone Evolutions: Choose your Pokémon wisely

According to the Silph Road, you can use the Sun Stone on two different Pokémon: Sunkern, which will evolve into Sunflora, and Gen 1's Gloom, which will evolve into Bellossom, which is perhaps best known for putting fighters to sleep in Super Smash Bros. Melee. 


But which one should you use your Sun Stone on? It really all depends on what you need, according to one Silph Road post. Here's how it breaks down:

Bellossom is, according to the Silph Road, a little stronger than Sunflora with a max CP of 2108 to Sunflora's 2048. That said, Sunflora only has one bad move-set (Razor Leaf/Sludge Bomb), and Bellossom has the potential for more. This makes Sunflora a little easier to optimize for gym battling.


There's a candy investment standpoint to consider, too: Sunkern only takes 50 candies and a Sun Stone to evolve into Sunflora, whereas Oddish (Gloom's previous form) will require 25 to evolve into Gloom, and then an additional 100 to evolve into Bellossom. 

If you've only got one Sun Stone and you're really hurting for a grass-type, it's probably best to go with Sunflora. But if you've already got the Oddish candies on-hand, it might be better to knock out Bellossom first, especially since its other evolution, Vileplume, requires another Gloom and another 100 candies.

The choice is yours, but hopefully, it'll be made a little easier by the fact that 7-Day PokéStop Streaks are now required to grant you an evolutionary item. Chances are — unless you get really unlucky — that candy, and not Sun Stones, will be your limiting factor here.

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