'Mass Effect Andromeda' Multiplayer Update: Archon APEX mission is now live

One of the nice things about Mass Effect Andromeda is that BioWare keeps adding new missions to the popular multiplayer mode with regular updates. Life is better with friends — doubly so when you have new things to do with said friends every week or so. 

Mass Effect Andromeda adds Archon APEX mission

Mass Effect: Andromeda's APEX missions are missions that can either be completed in the game's co-op multiplayer or by NPC strike teams in single player. 

You and your friends can fight to breach the Archon's lair in the new mission. Once you're done, you can use your mission funds to buy an engineering kit that increases your tech damage by 70 points. It's not a substantial update by any means, but it's yet another thing to do in a game that has a whole lot of things to do already.

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