Matt McGorry has some choice words for men looking to use feminism to get laid


It's not always easy to discern the difference between a genuine male feminist and a "woke misogynist." While some men might say they're totally on board with gender equality, it turns out a lot of them end up using their so-called feminism more as a pick-up line than anything.

To the latter group of men, Matt McGorry says, "Fucking stop it." 

Mic caught up with Orange is the New Black actor and token male feminist Matt McGorry following Wednesday night's screening of Miss Representation's new film The Mask You Live In, a documentary on masculinity. 

McGorry said the notion of using feminism to trick women into sex is a prime example of toxic masculinity — and men should cut it out.

"If that's what your desire is to use feminism for, then understand that you probably have a lot of work to do on yourself, not only to be a better ally but actually to be a happier human being," McGorry said. "Because as men we can't be our truest and our happiest selves if our masculinity and our happiness is based on controlling others and manipulating others."

Hear that fuckboys? Take note.