Alex Jones suddenly wants the media to be "respectful and responsible"


Alex Jones, the conspiracy theorist and snake oil tycoon who tells his millions of viewers that there are government chemicals in the water turning the frogs gay, has a message for the media: Keep it clean, guys.

Jones, who believes that Clinton is a witch and former President Barack Obama ordered the murder of Antonin Scalia, is in the middle of a custody battle, and is asking reporters to be "respectful and responsible" in a statement given to Business Insider.

Jones, who tries to convince millions of people each day of things like the government's use of "weather weapons" to manufacture tornadoes, is of course asking that reporters respect the gag order on the trial in order to protect the safety and welfare of his children — a reasonable and humane request.

If only Jones — who believes the government hires "crisis actors" to make the public believe that events like the San Bernardino massacre actually happened (it did) — had extended that respect and responsibility to other people's children.

Instead, Alex Jones has perpetuated the insidious idea that the Sandy Hook shooting was a "false flag" engineered by the government. In one case, he called into question the death of 6-year-old Noah Pozner, leading Jones' followers to harass the family with accusations that their dead son perhaps never existed.

"I wish I could be there in the courtroom to stare him down to remind him of how he's throwing salt on a wound, and so he can remember how he handed out salt for other people to throw on mine," Noah's father Leonard Pozner told the Daily Beast.