Tom Stemberg Divorce: Unsealing of Records Could Imperil Romney Campaign


While Donald Trump's "news" about Obama was a pretty big dud, there seem to be some more late October surprises for our candidates for president. This time it is Romney who is under fire and yet again we don't quite know what the “big scoop” is on him. But there are a few things we do know, it has to do with an old best friend, an angry ex-wife, and Staples.

It has been reported that the Boston Globe is looking to unseal a gagging order on the divorce between Tom Stemberg and his ex-wife Maureen. Stemberg is a co-founder of Staples, which Romney gave a cash infusion to when he was CEO of Bain Capital to help launch the chain. The two grew close when Romney was on the board of Staples, and Stemberg even gave a speech at the Republican National Convention in August where Romney was nominated.

Apparently during Stemberg's divorce proceedings and his wife’s divorce Romney gave testimony. It is this testimony that could contain the damning information the Boston Globe is looking for. If the gag order is lifted, Maureen could talk openly about the divorce and the proceedings. At the least this would be very awkward for the Romney campaign to deal with less than two weeks to go before the election.

But what exactly Maureen could say that would be detrimental to the Romney campaign is anyone’s guess. It's not all that clear what Romney could possibly have said in the testimony that would endanger his campaign for presidency. It doesn't seem that he was intimately involved in the divorce and it is likely that he was called to the stand to act as a character witness on Stemberg's behalf.

Nobody knows what Maureen could say, but hell hath no fury like that of an ex-wife. Whatever happens it isn't good news for Romney. Angry wives, millions of dollars, and court gag orders are the stuff of tabloids. This late in the race Romney can't afford to be a part of such tabloid smut. Luckily for him there is still a chance he won't.