'WWE 2K18' Cover Superstar Prediction: 5 reasons Roman Reigns is the obvious choice


We don't know the exact release date for WWE 2K18 just yet, but we if anyone besides Roman Reigns is chosen as the cover athlete for the game, it'll be a shock. 

There are a plethora of reasons to give Reigns this honor, here's the Top 5.

5 Reasons Roman Reigns is the Obvious Choice For WWE 2K18 Cover: He's a proven seller of merchandise

Todd Williamson/AP

Per Forbes, no WWE Superstar sells more merchandise than Roman Reigns. That includes t-shirts, hats, etc.

The Roman Empire is strong despite the millions of haters who boo him at every opportunity. People are voicing their displeasure for Reigns in arenas all over the world, but someone is buying his t-shirts.

It feels safe to assume that if a man can influence consumers to buy a shirt, he might hold sway over the purchase of a video game that already has a strong following.

5 Reasons Roman Reigns is the Obvious Choice For WWE 2K18 Cover: He's a social media monster

The WWE uses social media as a major tool to keep its audience informed and entertained. 

In addition to the WWE Network, the promotion and its stars are always a mouse click away. Reigns generates quite a few clicks. 

Videos featuring "The Big Dog" have been among the most popular in recent WWE history. In fact, Reigns is featured prominently in the promotion's 10-most-watched videos in 2016.

5 Reasons Roman Reigns is the Obvious Choice For WWE 2K18 Cover: He's had a ton of in-ring success


Obviously, the outcomes are scripted in the WWE, but that doesn't take away from the success Reigns has enjoyed. Most times, it takes dedication, focus, and hard work to be chosen to become a champion in professional wrestling.

Reigns is not an exception to that rule. The 31-year-old has already won the WWE World Heavyweight title three times.

He's also won the Royal Rumble, the tag-team titles with Seth Rollins and the United States Championship.

That's a resume that is fitting for a cover athlete.

5 Reasons Roman Reigns is the Obvious Choice For WWE 2K18 Cover: The face of the New Era

Much of the WWE's history is defined or categorized by eras. The current time has been called the New Era.

Many, including WWE legend The Big Show, believes the New Era began with the arrival of The Shield (Reigns, Rollins and Dean Ambrose).

It's hard to argue with that. There's no questioning the popularity of Reigns, Rollins and Ambrose individually, but as good and well-known as all three of them are, Reigns is the one who most embodies the New Era.

He's a face that is treated like a heel. That confusion and disruption of the traditional flow of a professional wrestling promotion is a microcosm of where various pro wrestling organizations are with fans who refuse to play the rules.

5 Reasons Roman Reigns is the Obvious Choice For WWE 2K18 Cover: He elicits the most spirited response from fans

At the end of the day, the WWE wants its fans active and interacting. Not all of that interaction is cheering, but as long as a WWE Superstar can cause a stir of some sort just by walking into a room, he or she is doing their job

Take a listen to the roaring cheers and arena-shaking boos Reigns gets as he makes his way to the ring in the video above.

They love him or they hate him — either way, they feel something. If Reigns is chosen to be on the cover of WWE 2K18, you can be sure the first image will have fans talking. And if you're 2K Sports, that's half the battle.

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