'Bates Motel' series finale leaves a few questions unanswered


Bates Motel came to an end Monday night with a fantastically fitting ending. While the series is based off of Alfred Hitchcock's Psycho, the show didn't follow the mapped-out route. It was an unexpected and appropriate goodbye to a drama that took on a life of it's own over the past five seasons. But that doesn't mean the finale wrapped up everything neatly. We've still got a few unanswered questions.

[Editor's note: This article contains spoilers from the Bates Motel series finale.]

Did Dylan ever find out that Caleb died?

Cate Cameron/A&E

The last few episodes of season five were pretty rough for Dylan. He found out that his mom died two years earlier and that his brother is a serial killer. A couple of bodies turned up — including his mother-in-law — but it doesn't appear as if he ever learned about the death of Caleb. 

What happened to Dr. Edwards?

Cate Cameron/A&E

Norman appeared to have a cup of coffee with Dr. Edwards early in the season, but it was mentioned in episode seven that the Pineview psychiatrist went missing about a year prior. Was Norman hallucinating Dr. Edwards? And did he play a role in his death? 

Did Marion Crane get away with stealing the money?

We didn't expect to get this answer, but a gal could hope for a Bates Motel sequel that shows Marion Crane starting a new life with that suitcase full of cash. Maybe Rihanna's character starts scamming rich men with the help of a character played by Lupita Nyong'o?

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