After a guy couldn't understand women baring their nipples, this teen set him straight

Sometimes men just don't get it, you know?

That's more or less the moral of this story, which starts with a man tweeting to to ask a question about the clothes many women have chosen to wear as of late. 

"So I guess see-through shirts with ya nipples showing is the wave for you females this summer huh?" @iHateYungJules wrote on Twitter on Thursday, posting photos of model Bernice Burgos and singer Paloma Ford wearing see-through outfits. 

But never fear — a young woman quickly swept in set the record straight on the double standard between nipples that appear on men and nipples that appear women. 

"Yuh and I guess wearing no shirt with ya nipples out been the wave for you males for... forever," Quenlin Blackwell, a 16-year-old from Dallas, wrote back two days later. "We just joining the wave y'all been on." 

In an interview with BuzzFeed, Blackwell revealed that the reason she felt so compelled to respond is that she's seen how damaging this double standard over nipples has been for women, and this idea that women are sexual beings, first and foremost. 

"That tweet struck a chord with me because I know some fathers that tell their children to be modest, and that this social construct of modesty translates into sexual safety and purity," Blackwell told BuzzFeed

She's also puzzled, overall, at this idea that breasts are sexual organs, when they're really not sexual organs at all, like genitalia is. "How does a breast offend someone?" Blackwell asked. "How does an organ — not even an actual sexual organ — offend so many men and their so-called 'masculinity'?" 

Turns out, she's not alone in this thinking — her tweet went viral, with more than 33,000 likes at time of writing. Plenty of people have added their own commentary, agreeing with her point that the double standard between nipples feels archaic.

It also awakened a conversation between men and women on a woman's right to dress however they like, without threat of assault or harassment. 

The tweet ended up creating a conversation so fervent that @IHateYungJules actually ended up having to respond, writing on Twitter: "Nobody is complaining lol I think this look is actually [fire] if done right. Was just trying to see if this was the wave for summer '17." 

And actually, according to plenty of women, it just may be. Bras in the summer can be torture devices of their own. 

As Blackwell told BuzzFeed, she wasn't trying to antagonize @IHateYungJules, but just "awaken [his] ignorance." And that looks to be exactly what she did.


Mic has reached out to Blackwell for further comment.