'Street Fighter 5' DLC: How to unlock the Thailand stage and get hot new costumes


It's no Hot Ryu, but today's Street Fighter V DLC brings a smattering of new costumes as well as a new stage for those of you who are still into Capcom's most current fighting game. For real money or in-game currency, you can get a bunch of work and school-themed outfits, as well as a remastered version of a classic stage, on PlayStation 4 and PC today.

New Street Fighter 5 DLC includes sexy firefighter Alex


The new DLC comes with costumes themed around work and school. Alex, as you can see, gets a very impractical firefighter costume. It's almost as if the point of the outfit is something other than fire safety. Chun-Li gets business attire, Ryu gets a school gang leader outfit and so on. Each of those costumes is $4 each, according to GameSpot.

The other major addition is a remastered version of the Thailand stage from past Street Fighter games. If you want a new background to not pay attention to while you pummel your opponents, it'll run you $4 or 70,000 fight money, the in-game currency. 

Those prices are perhaps a bit much for cosmetic changes, but if you like Street Fighter, spend your money however you wish. Hopefully Alex doesn't actually dress like that when he's fighting fires.

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