Indiana transgender man named high school prom king


This transgender student is enjoying his reign as prom king. 

Alan Belmont, 17, of North Central High School in Indiana made school history when he was announced as prom king, WTHR reports. 

"They announced my name, and the crowd cheered so loud and it warmed my heart so much," Belmont told WTHR. "The whole night was full of people cheering me on so seeing that they voted for something so big was incredible." 

Belmont celebrated the night with his girlfriend, Anastacia Cohen. The high school junior came out one year ago during his sophomore year. 

Video online of Belmont's coronation shows the audience greeting the new prom king with cheers and screams. 

Belmont told WTHR that he's felt a "surge of confidence" this year and this year is the "most proud" he's ever been. He ran because he'd never seen a trans person crowned at his alma mater. 

Belmont said his run was not without its bully. When he hung up flyers saying, "Al Belmont for Prom King," one student took it down, crossed out "king" and wrote "queen." The student hung the poster back up before friends of Belmont's took it down again.

"I brush it off, because I know my cause is greater than their ignorance, and I don't want that to be the focus of my identity," Belmont said said.