Popular Blogs: Emerging Writer Heather Davis Joins the Popular Trend of TMI


In this millennial age of blogging, e-books and online journalism, writers are working harder than ever to stand out. And one writer I know is definately succeeding.

Author, Heather Davis of Bartlesville, Oklahoma, began blogging in 2008. Word-of-mouthadvertising gained Davis followers throughout Oklahoma. Her over-sharing “too much information” genre style blog and tweets @minivanmomma2 are now gaining Davis national attention. (WARNING: Do not read while drinking hot beverages, nasal cavity scald may result.

Davis who is married, and the mother of two not quite teen girls, entertains her readers by having the courage to write about those things in life many of us consider too private, embarrassing, or functional to discuss. Her straight forward, tell-it-like-it-is style, now has people all over the country becoming her BFFFL (Best Friend Followers For Life). Maybe it’s her Oklahoma humor, or perhaps it is the intimacy of her subject matter that really makes a connection with others. 

Nationally syndicated talk show host, Dr. Oz, fascinated by the new over-sharing TMI blog genre recently invited Davis and several other women to the Big Apple for a televised discussion. Davis soon had Dr. Oz and his audience first gasping, and then laughing. Heather explained, ‘My philosophy — it’s better to laugh about it than to drink about it.” Her collection, TMI Mom Bites the Big Apple is now available at Amazon. This particular TMI Mom collection is about a small town Oklahoman’s first ever trek to NYC — totally alone. A bit overwhelmed, Davis's pioneering spirit serves her well as she learns the importance of not making eye contact with people on the street, and the excitement of Times Square — which she discovers isn’t square.

When I first began reading Davis's work (we are members of the same writer’s group; Bartlesville WordWeavers) I wasn’t all that impressed. She wrote some funny stuff; I could write funny. Maybe I was just a tad bit jealous. What I didn’t realize until I read more of her work, is that Davis is a master of the set-up; like a pro-boxer. I have discovered not only do I enjoy reading her work, I like to watch others read her stuff. They will be reading along — ya da, ya da, ya da—then — wham! Sometimes it’s just one word, like a quick jab that brings a smile. The words are followed by a combination of phrases that evoke a grunt, or one of those nasal snorts, then before the reader knows it, Davis's words are pummeling away. I have observed people reduced to tears. Sometimes her stories about her children are poignant essays that remind her Baby Boomer followers about the joys and trials of being a parent.

Buzzbooks will begin releasing a series of Davis's TMI Mom books next spring. In the meantime, if you want to enjoy a refreshing break and be thankful only for your own challenges, you can follow Davis at minivan-momma.com. Davis is a refreshing new writer who is beginning to stand out from the ever-growing crowd.