'Pokémon Go' Forretress: Locations, movesets and other important info on the Pineco evolution


Since Pokémon Go's gen 2 update, the game has become much more nuanced. No longer are gyms filled simply with Dragonites, Gyarados and Snorlaxes. Now Blissey and Tyranitar are overused too (and where the heck are people finding Larvitar?). 

But there's one defensive beast that comes in handy that is likely missing from your collection. Yes, we're talking about the red and purple Cloyster look-a-like, Forretress. Here's what you need to know about the Pokémon Go gen 2 pocket monster.

Pokémon Go Forretress: About the Pineco-evolved, Bagworm Pokémon

Pokémon Anime/Did You Know Facts

It's possible to catch Forretress in the wild, but if you have one, you likely evolved it from a Pineco. Known as the bagworm Pokémon, Forretress is both a Bug type and a Steel type. This means it has good defenses and offers many resistances to types like Grass, Psychic, Dragon and more. Bug and Steel typing also means that it is, unfortunately, doubly weak to Fire-type attacks.

Pokémon Go Forretress: Max CP and movesets

In the Pokémon games, Forretress can learn attacks like Zap Cannon and Gyro Ball. In Pokémon Go, however, Forretress only learns five attacks according to Pokémon Go Database and Ranked Boost. They are as follows:

Light AttacksBug Bite (Bug)Struggle Bug (Bug)Charge AttacksHeavy Slam (Steel)Earthquake (Ground)Rock Tomb (Rock)

Light attacks in Pokémon Go gym battles can be used repeatedly while charge attacks less so. Considering Forretress's quadrupled Fire-type weakness, having Earthquake or Rock Tomb offers better coverage when fighting those types of Pokémon. 

Did You Know? clues us into the maximum amount of combat points Forretress can offer: Forretress has a max CP of 2263.

Pokémon Go Forretress: Locations that let you catch the Bug/Steel Pokémon

Arguably the hardest and most important part: Where do you even find a Forretress to begin with?

Some have noted Forretress sightings Highland, Indiana, while others note the Pokémon is common throughout Pittsburgh. I personally can thank nycpokemap on Twitter for alerting me to when Forretress was spawning near me recently.

Depending on where you're based, you may have an easier or more difficult time procuring a Forretress. Search on sites like The Silph Road to see if there are any near you.

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