Fyre Festival "Scam:" The internet roasts Bahamas music festival as a total disaster


With reports of no food, security or escape, the Ja Rule-backed Fyre Festival has turned out to be a disaster. The much-hyped summer fest descended into Lord of the Flies-esque chaos on its very first day, leaving people who paid thousands of dollars stranded.  

While the doomed festival's website (which appears to be down at the time of publication) painted a luxurious picture of what the event would be, reality was starkly different.

The internet quickly seized upon the festival goers' misfortune.

Quite a few had some questions for ubiquitous-in-the-2000s rapper Ja Rule. 

Some people read the fine print. 

Some pretended what life might be like on the island. 

But mostly, they were just here to crack some jokes about the schadenfreude of seeing rich kids (or people with poor decision-making skills) get scammed.