The 7 best moments you missed at RuPaul's DragCon, from death drops to tea-spilling

LOS ANGELES — Tens of thousands of RuPaul's Drag Race devotees, queens and alumni — and fans of drag as an art — flocked to the Los Angeles Convention Center over the weekend in what was easily the year's largest display of drag excellence in one place. Production company World of Wonder turned up the volume for the third iteration of RuPaul's DragCon, with a vast increase in tickets sold and a convention floor that, at times, resembled drag ants milling about from above.

The floor of RuPaul's DragCon as pictured from the press roomKevin O'Keeffe/Mic

For those who didn't attend, don't fret: World of Wonder will share some of the shenanigans on its YouTube account in the coming weeks. Meanwhile, we've collected seven of the wildest bits you missed, complete with video. There was everything from shade-throwing to tea-spilling to, most crucially, death drops galore. Here's what we loved:

1. Trixie Mattel and Katya started the show with an "UNHhhh."

Season seven competitors Trixie Mattel and Katya kicked off DragCon on Sunday with a live version of their YouTube series UNHhhh. The queens easily got the loudest screams from the energetic crowd, while DragCon workers were forced to turn away dozens of fans after the room hit capacity half an hour before the show began. Trixie even poked fun at the young fans in attendance.

"Who's underage in here?" Trixie asked. A few dozen people raise their hands and shouted. "How fun. Wanna know why I started drag? Not to fucking fraternize with kids."

While the panel included plenty of the pair's signature bits, including the bonkers taglines seen in the above video, Trixie and Katya also switched it up by bringing out the editors who craft a lot of UNHhhh's signature jokes. Surprisingly, straight men Chris Smith and Ron Hill are the minds behind the popular queer show — and Trixie and Katya's thirsty teasing of them made for the event's best part.

2. Tatianna joined Jujubee for a season 2 reunion performance.

For fans of season two, RuPaul's DragCon 2017 was a true treat. First, during Friday's off-site All Stars Live party, Jujubee and Tatianna briefly reunited to perform JoJo and Remy Ma's "FAB." Tati played Remy to Juju's JoJo, storming on stage as a surprise guest.

On Sunday, Tati and Juju joined seven other season-two queens — including winner Tyra Sanchez, runner-up Raven and second-eliminated queen Nicole Paige Brooks — to talk about their season on a special panel. Among the many highlights was one particularly surprising bit of information: Queen Sonique, who came out as trans during season two's reunion show, actually began transitioning before her appearance on Drag Race but postponed moving forward in the process until her elimination. Sonique also praised season seven's performance from fellow trans queen Peppermint as a sign of "progression." 

3. Drag Race's judges spilled some tea.

The weekend's juiciest panel may well have been Only Judy Can Judge Me, an assemblage of Drag Race judges past and present anchored by head judge Michelle Visage. Guest-turned-regular judge Ross Matthews had some of the cutest moments, talking about being a superfan and loving the experience of getting to offer his critiques not just to his TV, but actually on the show.

But it was Visage herself who got in the absolute best dig when guest judge Jeffrey Boyer-Chapman lamented he didn't know why Charlie Hides gave up during her lip sync in episode four, only hearing her excuse that "99% of the acts in London sing live" when watching the episode. 

Visage had no time for it. "Then don't audition for a show with a lip sync," she said. It was a briskness and brusqueness she deployed again when a fan in the audience tried to ask about Wendy Williams. Visage moved away quickly, saving one bit of tea unspilled.

4. The best dancing queens of Drag Race turned a show.

While the show's most seasoned veterans ruled the roost during Friday's All Stars Live, it was the dancing queens who slammed the stage during Saturday's Battle on the Runway event. Plenty of the girls put on a show, including Alyssa Edwards and, perhaps most surprisingly, season six club kid Milk. But no one quite turned in a performance like season seven queen Kennedy Davenport.

Kennedy showed why she's known as the dancing diva of Texas, delivering impressive choreography and body flips that had the crowd roaring. Nothing blew them away quite as much as her flying jump into the splits on a fairly narrow runway. It was reminiscent of Kennedy's lip sync to "Roar" during her time on the show — and equally as amazing.

5. The season 9 queens came together for Untucked  Live.

No queen used her time at DragCon quite as effectively as Eureka. Fresh off her elimination from season nine for medical reasons, Eureka lit up both Saturday's Drag in Trump's America panel and Sunday's Untucked Live panel. She was funny, generous, kind and sharp in equal measure.

During Untucked, Eureka shared an update on her health: Her ACL is fine now, but her knee is still healing and gaining back strength. But she's excited for season 10 — and if DragCon is any indication, she's got a good shot of taking the crown.

6. Alyssa Edwards shared her Secret live for the third consecutive year.

Only a queen like season five's and All Stars season two's Alyssa Edwards could pull off her entrance into the third iteration of Alyssa's Secret Live. She came down the aisle as if it were a runway, greeting her public along the way.

The actual event was full of the delightful, eccentric randomness you'd expect from Alyssa. The most interesting moment, however, came when she was asked about an infamous scene from her stint on All Stars, when she and some fellow eliminated queens appeared from behind the mirror while Phi Phi O'Hara was busy talking shit about her. Alyssa took it in stride, but still managed to get in the delicious dig of referring to Phi Phi only as "this woman."

7. Shangela and her backup dancers nailed a five-man death drop.

Saving the best for last: This was from the same Battle on the Runway where Kennedy Davenport broke it down, but it deserves its own mention. Shangela served as host, but naturally, Alyssa Edwards' drag daughter made sure to show her skills first. The entire performance, complete with backup dancers, was a thrill — but the crowd went absolutely wild when the group did a simultaneous death drop. In a weekend full of thrilling moments, this might've been the best.

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