Lena Dunham Ad: New Obama Video Says All the Wrong Things


Barack Obama has given up on the moral vote. His latest campaign ad compares casting your vote for him with losing your virginity. Cue outrage from anyone to the right of Sandra Fluke — a diminishing demographic, admittedly. 

The ad doesn’t waste any time. “Your first time shouldn’t be with just anybody,” Lena Dunham the writer/ actress/ director in the ad says. Moreover, “You want to do it with a great guy.” You know, the type of guy who gives you free health care, free contraceptives, and the unalienable right to murder the consequence of your actions — a “baby,” as most people call it — up until the day it’s born. 

Oh, Barack, you always know the right things to say to me. Things like “hope” and “change” and “Romney’s a bullsh*tter.” That’s what every woman should look for in a man, and what every American should look for in a President. We haven’t had such a vibrant display of manly prowess since, well, Bill Clinton. Be still, oh my heart.

The culture war is escalating before our eyes. In any given election, the GOP and the Democrats will disagree over gay marriage, abortion, and any other number of gender- and sex-related issues. That’s just par for the course. But this takes it to a whole new level. It’s an overt sexualization of the ballot box in an attempt to win the women vote and the young vote. 

But at what cost? This ad comes from the same party — and the same president — who blindly refuse to see the effects of their sexual agenda. Out of wedlock births are at their highest level in American history. The welfare state has gutted the inner-city family. Thanks to the loosening of sexual morality across the board, child pornography, child molestation, and sexual abuse are as prevalent as ever. And unlike the 26-year old in the video, nearly 1 in 5 kids today lose their virginity before turning 15. Isn’t “liberation” great?

The ad ends with a whimper more than it does a bang, compared to how it began. But when you consider the rest of this president’s policies, the message is quite poetic: “Once you vote me, the sex will be free.” If only, Barack. So much for your second term agenda.