'American Gods' episode 2 preview reveals the fate of Shadow Moon


Following the premiere of the new Starz series American Gods on Sunday night, audiences were left more confused than satisfied, but that doesn't mean they plan to stop watching. 

While not perfect by any means, the show seems to have promise, especially considering the gorgeous cinematography and wickedly talented cast. The tricky thing for audiences, however, will be following the many characters' stories, and how the old gods (aka the ones portrayed in the Coming to America vignettes) intersect with the new gods (aka Media). 

Thankfully, the preview for episode two suggests things will become clearer and more focused as the series moves along. Here's what we know based on those 30 seconds. 

Shadow Moon survives the assassination attempted on him by Technical Boy's faceless cronies, but is definitely emotionally scarred by what Mr. Wednesday calls an "occupational hazard." Then the most surprising news is revealed: His wife Laura who he thought he had just buried walks into his room. 

Just like in the Neil Gaiman novel on which the series is based, Laura gets a second chance at life thanks to a charmed, gold coin. Well, except for the fact that she'll have to live it in a decomposing body. This isn't exactly a spoiler considering anyone who's watched the first episode and seen the original trailer probably noted the dirty, one-armed girl walking down the street looks a lot like Laura. 

There's also this little character teaser that appeared on YouTube in early April:

The return of his wife, however, doesn't appear to solve all of Shadow Moon's problems. 

In the trailer, he says "I think I'm losing my mind," while standing in between black flat screens, then passes someone with unusually futuristic goggles. Obviously he's seen enough weirdness in the last couple days to last a lifetime, so odds are he's seriously rethinking his new employment. 

We also get a momentary glimpse of Czernobog, one of the old gods, looking pensive. It's clear the god-driven world is ruffled by Shadow Moon's presence among its beings, and will likely start to respond even more aggressively than it already has. 

Cue the lightening bolts. Literally. 

Mr. Wednesday picks up on Shadow's ambiguity, and says he has a choice in reference to the job he was offered. That choice remains unclear, but it doesn't look like one of the options involves going back to a blissfully unaware existence. 

There are many directions which this otherworldly story of deity immigration could take, but one thing seems certain: Shadow Moon is a pivotal lynchpin between the heavenly and earth-bound beings.

Watch the episode two preview below:

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