These are the 11 highest paying summer internships in the United States

ByJames Dennin

If you're a college student hoping to improve your resume and actually make some real money as an intern this summer, it definitely helps if you can code: Silicon Valley tech companies dominated Glassdoor's new list of best-paying internships for the year, published Tuesday. With the exception of Exxon Mobile and Bloomberg L.P., all of the ten highest-paying internships are involved in the technology sector in some way.

These interns are often being paid wages that put them among the highest-compensated workers in the country — interns or not.

At Facebook, for example, which has the highest-paid interns according to the report, interns earn a median monthly salary of $8,000. That works out to an annual salary of roughly $96,000, almost double the median salary of $51,336 for U.S. workers of any age.

In order to make Glassdoor's list, each company needed to receive at least 25 reported intern salaries in between April 2016 and April 2017, and only U.S.-based internships were considered. Curious as to how your dream employer stacks up? You can check out the top 11 paid roles below.

11. Google

Median monthly pay: $6,000

Employees rave about working at Google, pointing to high pay and a fast-paced work environment. Aside from expectedly long hours and a tough commute into the Mountain View office, employees seem to have little to complain about. You can apply here.

Eric Risberg/AP

10. VMware

Median monthly pay: $6,080

It may not be as well-known as some of the other companies on the top-10 list, but the Dell subsidiary pays top dollar and offers internships around the world. Interns report getting to do meaningful work, but also say the Dell acquisition created a degree of uncertainty at the company. You can apply here.

9. Yahoo

Median monthly pay: $6,080

Yahoo interns have high salaries and can work in a wide variety of specializations including law, design, and entertainment. You can apply here.

8. Yelp

Median monthly pay: $6,400

Yelp hires about 150 interns each year, according to Glassdoor, meaning they have a significant impact on the company, particularly engineers. Still, many entry-level hires do complain about low wages and inexperienced management. You can apply here.

7. Bloomberg L.P.

Median monthly pay: $6,400

Interns rave about Bloomberg's offices and central location in Manhattan, although also note that some employees can be turned off by the intensely corporate culture. You can apply here.

Kathy Willens/AP

6. Apple

Median monthly pay: $6,400

It's no surprise that Apple is a coveted place to work, and interns report a startup-like work environment with lots of actual responsibility, as opposed to coffee runs. A handful of internship openings are still available, albeit all for technical and engineering roles. You can apply here.

5. Amazon

Median monthly pay: $6,400

Amazon interns are paid well but here's hoping you speak Spanish or German, since all the remaining listings are based in Mexico City and Munich. You can apply for those here.

4. Salesforce

Median monthly pay: $6,450

In addition to large salaries, prospective interns for Salesforce benefit from a degree of geographic diversity: The company is currently accepting intern applications in offices across the U.S. and Europe. You can apply here.

3. ExxonMobil

Median monthly pay: $6,507

ExxonMobil is mostly interested in people with an engineering or economics background, although the salaries are high. Exxon internships are also designed to look like the company's entry-level jobs, making a spot as an intern a good gateway to the energy industry. You can apply here.

2. Microsoft

Median monthly pay: $7,100

Microsoft is a great place for early starters. The median internship salary is more than $7,000 per month, and the company also offers the Explore Microsoft program, a 12-week rotational internship for freshman and sophomores. You can apply here.

1. Facebook

Median monthly pay: $8,000

Facebook interns fetch the highest monthly wages in the country, according to Glassdoor, and alums report amazing perks from free food and events to swanky housing. You can apply here.

Thinking about applying for a Silicon Valley internship? Don't be discouraged if you don't hear back on your first try, since even lower-paying internships tend to be competitive. That said, a skills-based resume with a thoughtful, properly-addressed cover letter may give you a leg up.

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